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He is a wise and elegant wizard and a guide for the Fellowship of the Ring. Based on the appearance of actor Ian McLean in the movie "The Lord of the Rings", we have truly restored the image of the legendary wizard, with gray robe and white beard, fortitude and tenacity, showing the wise style. At the same time, we have also added a movable eye design. There are magnetic connections between the main body of the character and the platform. The replacement hands are made of PVC, which is relatively soft, which is convenient for the installation of accessories and satisfies its multi-model playability.

  • Brand: INART
  • Licensee: Warner
  • Product Name: Gandalf (Gray Robe) 1/6 Collection Action Figure
  • Product material: real cloth, metal, PVC, ABS, wool, print
  • Product size: 12 inches

Product accessories:

  • Staff x 1
  • Left hand bare hand x 5
  • Right hand bare hand x 3
  • Sword x 1
  • Scabbard x 1
  • Envelope x 1
  • Moth x 1
  • Ring x 1
  • Pipe x 1
  • Book x 1
  • Bag x 1
  • Hat x 1
  • cloak x 1
  • Belt x 1
  • Platform x 1
  • Underwear x 1
  • Pants x 1
  • Jacket x 1

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