Welcome To Planet Action Figures Version - 3887992.CT76


This item will begin shipping early September 2023


Prank Villain: Mars Toys: Sixth Scale Figure: A Version

  • Smile expression head sculpt*1
  • Laughing expression head sculpt*1
  • Surprise expression head sculpt*1 (Only Pre Sale Bonus)
  • Body*1
  • Hands*14 
  • Green shirt*1
  • Western red vest*1
  • Western red swallow tail*1
  • Western red striped pants*1
  • Black collar*1
  • Green socks*1
  • Western red eye mask*1
  • Beach shorts*1
  • Flowers*1
  • Photo frame*1
  • "Big Ben Distillery"*1
  • Shoes*2
  • Stand*1

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