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Product Description

This Ymir bust is a meticulously crafted collector’s item that pays homage to the iconic creature brought to life by the legendary stop-motion animator Ray Harryhausen. Standing over 9 inches tall, this finely detailed bust captures the essence of Ymir with impressive accuracy and attention to detail.

Produced in soft vinyl, the bust is expertly sculpted to ensure a faithful representation of this impressive beast. Every scale, wrinkle, and texture on Ymir’s skin is meticulously recreated to showcase the intricate work that went into bringing this fantastical creature to life.

The neck of the Ymir bust is designed to rotate, allowing you to pose the head in various positions, providing a dynamic and lifelike appearance. Additionally, the lower jaw is articulated, allowing you to open and close it, adding to the bust’s display options. The display base is also adjustable so the body can be moved to different positions.

The Ymir bust is meticulously painted to capture the creature’s original appearance as seen in the classic film. The paintwork includes a variety of earthy tones, bringing out the creature’s reptilian and otherworldly nature. Every detail is carefully accentuated, down to the creature’s eyes and teeth, giving it a lifelike and menacing appearance. An artistic name plate is mounted to the display base to add to the museum quality of the piece.

Overall, the Star Ace Ymir bust is a stunning tribute to a cinematic legend and a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts of classic movie monsters. Its attention to detail, articulation, and adjustable stand makes it a standout addition to any collection, allowing fans to relive the magic of Ray Harryhausen’s creations in the comfort of their own homes.

Product Features

  • 9.45 inches (24cm)
  • Made of polyresin
  • From the iconic Ray Harryhausen film 20 Million Miles to Earth
  • Highly detailed
  • Hand-painted

Box Contents

  • Ymir bust

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