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Collaborating with Game Workshop, from JoyToy,  we introduce JoyToy Action Figure Warhammer 40K Chaos Space Marines Crimson Slaughter Set figures. The Crimson Slaughter seek to wash away their sins in a tide of blood, joining the Long War to bring down the regime they once willingly served. Genetically designed for warfare and killing, the Space Marines of the Crimson Slaughter have at last thrown off the Imperial shackles, loosing themselves from restraint. Now, with allegiance only to themselves, the renegades blaze a trail of death across the galaxy, fully immersing themselves in wanton destruction.

  1. Product Description
    • 4.92 inches (12.5cm)
    • 1/18 Scale
    • Manufactured from ABS and PVC
    • Primarily based totally on the Warhammer 40K
    • Intricately detailed
    • A number of elements of articulation
  2. Box Contents
    • Maganar figure
      • Jetpack
      • Extra hands
      • Pistol
      • Sword
      • Grenades

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