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Lance Corporal William: With Diorama: B11011: DID


After eight years, WWI series finally comes back. This time we will bring you WWI British Infantry Lance Corporal William.

William is dressed in WWI British infantry uniform with genuine leather jerkin on the top and Brodie helmet on his head. The Smoke PH hood/P helmet and a small box respirator are ready while he needs poisonous protection gears. Military cloak may be a fashion item now, but at that time it was a necessity on the battlefield.

William is equipped with Lee-Enfield Rifle S.M.L.E 303, the main firearm that used by British army during WWI. Also the1907 pattern S.M.L.E bayonet is included, which could be attached on the rifle.

A full range of classic WWI British Army accessories are also included for William, such as WWI pattern 1908 haversack, P08 webbing ammo pouches, P08 entrenching tool with carrier, P08 water bottle with carrier and D-shaped mess tin with cover, etc.


1 Super realistic headsculpt
2 Body
3 Open palms
4 Palms for holding pistol

5 Brodie helmet with inner liner
6 WW1 British army soldiers uniform and pants
7 Grayback shirt
8 British army wool jumper
9 British army leather jerkin (genuine leather)
10 WWI British smoke PH hood/P helmet with carrying bag
11 British P08 webbing
12 Cross strap x 2
13 British WWI military cloak
14 Puttees
15 Boots (genuine leather)

16 British small box respirator and bag
17 British WWI pattern 1908 haversack
18 P08 webbing ammo pouches x 1 pair
19 P08 entrenching tool with carrier
20 P08 bayonet frog, halve carrier
21 P08 water bottle with carrier
22 WWI D-shaped mess tin with cover

23 Lee-Enfield Rifle S.M.L.E 303
24 WWI 1907 pattern S.M.L.E bayonet with scabbard and frog

25 WWI British Lance Corporal Badge X 1
26 Divisional insignia
27 East Surrey East Surrey Regiment Shoulder Title

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