German WH infantry Unteroffizier Freid: WWII: DID

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  • Super realistic headsculpt.
  • All New - DID 1:6 Advanced Body (Slim Ver.)
  • German WH infantry M42 uniform, trousers and service shirt.
  • German reversible sniper camouflage smock which is made with new technology.
  • German helmet with camo cover.
  • K98 rifle with ammo clip and the brand-new short sniper scope.
  • Brand-new M38 real-leather boots.
  • German WH typical accessories including camo zeltbahn, gas mask canister, mess tin and canteen, German A-frame carrier, shovel etc. 
  • The belt, Y-straps, mask bag straps, K98 ammo pouches, shovel cover, bayonet scabbard and frog are made of genuine leather.



  • Super realistic headsculpt
  • All New – DID 1:6 Advanced Body (Slim Ver.)
  • Open palms
  • Gun-holding palms



  • WWII German WH infantry M42 uniform
  • WWII German trousers
  • WWII German service shirt
  • WWII German reversible sniper camouflage smock
  • WWII German field cap
  • WWII German helmet with inner liner and camo cover
  • Scarf
  • Belt (genuine leather)
  • Y-straps (genuine leather)
  • German field canvas gaiters
  • Boots (genuine leather)



  • WWII German WH camo zeltbahn
  • WWII German bread bag
  • WWII German canteen
  • WWII German mess tin 
  • WWII German gas mask canister
  • WWII German gas mask bag with strap x 2 (genuine leather)
  • K98 ammo pouch X 2 (genuine leather)
  • WWII German shovel with cover (genuine leather)
  • WWII German A-frame carrier
  • Cigarette



  • K98 rifle with ammo clip and brand-new short sniper scope
  • German bayonet with scabbard and frog (genuine leather)
  • Eihandgranate x 2



  • Collar tab x 1 pair
  • Breast Eagle x 1
  • Black wound badge x 1
  • Tank Destruction Badge in Silver x 1
  • Infantry Assault Badge in Silver x 1
  • Close Combat Clasp in Bronze x 1

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