Batman & Bruce Wayne Deluxe Set: With Bat Signal: Queen Studios X Inart

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The Ultimate All In Bundle


  • One articulated body
  • One The Batman helmet head sculpt with rolling eyes and three interchangeable facial expressions
  • One movie accurate Bruce Wayne rooted head sculpt with rolling eyes

Ten interchangeable hands including:

  • One pair of open hands
  • One pair of fists
  • One pair of hooked hands
  • One dart right hand
  • One grip right hand
  • One gun holding right hand
  • One gesture right hand
  • Seven interchangeable hands including:
    • -One pair of relax hands
    • -One pair of handshake hands
    • -One pair of money holding hands
    • -One key holding right hand



  • One Batsuit
  • One black cape
  • One utility belt including:
  • One ammo pack
  • One Adrenaline shot double bag
  • One double bag
  • One handcuff bag
  • One triangle button
  • One Rappelling down button
  • One UV light bag
  • One flare bag
  • One pair of black combat boots
  • One grappling hook gun arm armour body including:
  • Two pairs of interchangeable grappling hook guns
  • Two wired grappling hooks
  • Two grappling hooks
  • One detachable magnetic diecast Batarang on chest
  • Two diecast Batarangs
  • One helmet
  • One leg holster
  • One sticky bomb gun including
  • Two bullets
  • Five sets of The Riddler envelopes card
  • One pair of handcuffs
  • Two Adrenaline shots
  • One UV light
  • One flare
  • One flash light equipped with LED light and two batteries
  • One bat logo base
  • One utility computer
  • One rooted head sculpt display box
  • One articulated body
  • One movie accurate Bruce Wayne rooted head sculpt with rolling eyes
  • One black cashmere overcoat
  • One suit including:
  • One pair of black socks
  • One black spotted tie
  • One black belt
  • One pair of black Oxford style leather shoes
  • One $100 bill
  • One Corvette C2 car key
  • Four public protest placard displays
  • Five sets of The Riddler Envelope cards
  • One Knight Statue base
  • One rooted head sculpt display box

Included in the Deluxe Version Only

  • The Batman-Bat Signal(with light up feature)

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